Small steps in the right direction,

Can turn out to be the biggest step of your life

Change your relationship with food for good

With our unique approach and combinations of different techniques, our aim is to help you work on you. You will receive nothing but encouragement from our friendly team so that you make the changes you need, to improve your overall health and wellbeing for good. Call us today, to learn more about our approach

How Does Encourage Work?

The encourage approach helps you to understand and consider the impact that many areas of your day-to-day life have on your weight and overall health. It then categorises each of these areas using what we call, a RAG factor.

The Rag Factor

The RAG factor helps you to measure your choices and your successes. It is a great visual and mental tool that helps keep you on track. It stands for red, amber, and green.


This is the danger zone:

Likely to negatively affect your oveall wellbeing and weight


Good for you, but need to be careful and make considered choice.


A great choice! Keep doing what you are doing!

These Will Help You Lose Weight and Improve Your Wellbeing

Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Because today is another chance to get it right

Weekly Meetings

At the weekly meetings, we will be taking a close look at the 6 focus areas. We will use different tools to help you identify your personal behaviours and choices, and how these impact your weight and wellbeing. You will then learn strategies and techniques that will help you change into the ‘you’ that you deserve to be!

Take Control of Your Eating

In order to take control of your eating habits, you need to recognise and understand your unhelpful habits before you can change them. You also need to understand what types of foods you need to be eating for good health and vitality, and what foods cause illness and affect your overall wellbeing. We cover all these areas at the meetings to help you change.

Understanding what your body needs for health and vitality

Our bodies needs different nutrients to remain healthly. We help you to understand the foods that improve your health and how to find the right balance of each of the nutrients to achieve optimum health.

Understanding Mindful eating and how this can improve your food choices

A key factor in achieving wellbeing is changing your mindset. Mindful eating is a great tool to help guide more mindful food choices and eating behaviours. Mindful eating leads to better choices, improved habits, and ultimately weight loss. You will learn about Mindful eating and how to apply this to support your wellbeing goals.

Learn how to stop dieting

Encourage Wellbeing is not a diet. The approach helps you make small changes week by week, that lead to big results. There are no banned foods, no fad eating habits, no calorie counting or other ways to restrict food. Instead you will learn and apply new behaviours that will give you an improved relationship with food, whilst still enjoying the foods you love.

Appetite vs Hunger:

Many of us no longer know what it feels like to be hungry. At Encourage Wellbeing, we help you retrain your appetite, so you eat for the right reasons, and don't eat when your body doesn't need it.




  • Membership Joining Fee: £3

  • Weekly Meeting Attendance Fee:

Prices 2

  • Standard £4

  • Over 65s £3

  • 14 – 17 Years of Age £3

The Weekly Meetings

Each week at your group meeting, you will learn the mindset, actions, and behaviours that impact your food, drink, and activity choices. You will discover and learn how to implement the tools and techniques to make the changes needed to improve your overall wellbeing. It is, therefore, essential that you stay for the meetings each week, as this information is not provided in any of the membership literature.

Missed a Week?

As a member of Encourage Wellbeing, you are committing to attend the weekly meetings. You are entitled to 3 weeks holiday per 12 weeks, as part of your membership. Any absences not taken as holiday will count as a missed week and incur a missed week fee. After 3 or more consecutive missed weeks, you will pay a £3.00 membership refresh fee, at which point your holiday entitlement will start again.  

Lifetime Membership

At Encourage Wellbeing, we are here to support you. You are not required to set a weight-loss target, although you may wish to do so as part of your SMART objective, and, therefore, there is no ‘target member’ status that provides free access to the weekly meetings. We are here for you whenever you feel you need the support.

We are more than just a weight-loss group; we are a community of support. You will make friends, feel supported, and offer support to others.

stop dieting and start living

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